What UPS for 460W Power Supply?

since my pc got fried thanks to some electrical shock
i intend to get Enermax 460W and a ups
now since ive got no idea what ups to buy and what specs
should i match - i though the wats should be something :)
dont care how long it will hold - its just enough to hybernate the comp in case something happenes [again...grrr]

so what ups for 460w psu?
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  1. Depends on more than just the power suppply. My suggestion is to head over to www.apc.com and use their selector to find out how big of a UPS you need, even if you don't actually buy an APC
  2. actually i already did that
    its just that i thought that 460w is not exactly a standard psu
    and it might put some more consideration into what ups is the proper choice

    i guess my question should have been
    does the psu make any difference when it comes to ups?
  3. Only real difference the PSU makes is it's efficeency. Like I'm going to upgrade my 350 to a 410 sometime here, but as long as the efficiency is the same, it will use the same power, as the components in the system determine the power draw(Again, assuming same efficiency).
  4. Don't neglect to mention your monitor. If you buy a 300W UPS for a system that draws 200 watts and then hook up your 19" trinitron to it, you're outta luck. Some monitors draw over 100 watts.
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