BF3 lagging with 6970 CF

This is what I see when I use perfoverlay.

I did google'd for awhile a didn't find anything that could help me.
What should I do?

Asus P8P67 Deluxe Rev. 3
i7 2600k @ 4.2GHZ (With hyperthread)
16GB Mushkin Blackline Enhanced @ 1967~MHZ
Sapphire 6970 2GB x2 (with 12.1 preview drivers)
1000W Silverstone
120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
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  1. turn hyperthreading off, just for a test.
  2. so according to that you're averaging 30% load on cpu and gpu? or you've averaging 30 fps?
  3. Well according to EA/DICE, both CPU and GPU lines need to be on top of each other to show no bottle necking. They also said, the jitters in the graph are microstutters. According to the graph, the GPU is the bottle neck. From EA/DICE, the lines should be relatively flat and very little jumps.

    I don't believe that is 30% load or 30 fps as fraps told me 90-190fps, but with the stuttering, it makes the game almost unplayable.

    EDIT- After turning off hyper threading, the "lag" went down a little bit. Any more suggestions?
    Here are some SS's from turning HT off.

    PS- Ignore the signature. Haven't updated it in a year.
  4. Have you tried taking one of the cards out (or disabling one) and seeing how it runs on a single card. I'm always wary of crossfire and new-ish games. AMD usually takes a little while before the Catalyst Application Profiles are 100%
  5. No I haven't. I will test now and will update this post.

    EDIT- Disabled crossfire in CCC; the bottleneck is gone, but 30 fps is unplayable as well. Here are some screenshots:
    2nd EDIT- I have read from multiple posts here and other notable forums saying 1 bridge for crossfire is best or 2 bridges for crossfire is best. I currently have one bridge connected to the slot closest to the IO.

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