Choppy and overlapping, fractal like graphics obstructing screen!

My comp is up to date and all, Skyrim installed successfully and now upon the opening story the graphics are horrendous, choppy and enmeshed as to cover the characters view entirely with smears of dismal colors. Please HELP!!
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  1. computer specs and skyrim graphics settings please!!!
  2. you say your pc is up to date? we do need the specs... also you need to update the gfx driver. to either amd's 12.1 performance beta drivers or nvidias latest whql drivers.
    then get over to the skyrimnexus for tweaks and mods to help the game play smoother and give better cpu optimization.
  3. ok are these updates free or do i have to drop more loot?? can i find free versions somewhere?? and where can i find the current and excact specs? thank you much
  4. driver updates are free. go to manufacturer website and look for drivers section.

    as far as getting your computer specs you can find by using system information utility or dxdiag
  5. Im using windows 7 64 bit with directx 11 driver model WDDM 1.1 I guess it is outdated but not sure how to fix it or what other info is pertinent
  6. it seems to me the workings of this online help thing are escaping you.

    if you want help, you need to give us info to go by, if you don't give us anything, don't expect any help
  7. yup... please provide system info...
    to do so get either hwmonitor, speccy or 1 of the other system viewers...
    we need make and model for :
    motherboard, cpu and gfx card.
    the amount of ram. it may be wise to include your hdd and psu specs 2.

    this isnt the forum guys being arsey. its just there good at what they do but none of em are psychic... ;)
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