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Weird performance in BF3

I'm running a Pentium Dual Core @ 3.1Ghz ATI 5670 @ default speed and 2GB of RAM. No matter what settings I choose I can't get more than 20-30 FPS. I ran Bad Company 2 maxed out with 60 FPS no problems and I've heard that BC2 was a lot more CPU reliant than BF3. I realize that my hardware isn't very good but I think I should be getting more than 20-30 fps @ the lowest settings at 800x600. Would more RAM increase performance? My RAM doesn't get maxed out when I play the game it sits around 85%. I won't be able to upgrade for at least another month or so.
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    30 fps with 5670 sounds about right, but not on 800x600...,3063-9.html
    5570 gets around 30 fps, so yours should be a tiny bit better. However, seeing how your CPU is not the latest i7 that was used to get that benchmark it might explain your dip into 20s

    I'd say you should be able to set the game to lowest settings and turn up the resolution.

    since the game is at least dx10 your RAM shouldn't be an issue

    PS> regarding running games in 800x600. I see a lot of people that do this and forget to turn off the automatic GPU upscaling to display's native resolution. Doing so consumes more resources than just running the game at that resolution
  2. Thanks for response, I was able to do a few console commands and increase my fps into the 40s but now I get better FPS running this game @ 1280x1024 also changing to settings doesn't seem to effect fps much which sounds like a CPU bottleneck. It might just be time for an upgrade :)
  3. true, for games like BF3 your rig is a bit underpowered
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