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I game on a 22" computer screen with no speakers. The only inputs on the monitor are VGA,, DVI and HDMI. I really need sound so I bought a dual female adapter with a headphone jack on one side and the AV sound on the other. It works great but I soon realized I have the same problem, I connect the HDMI for picture and therefore can't use that female adapter for sound.

I really don't get why I can't plug PC gaming headphones in the XBox 360 USB port and get sound but that's just bad design.

Any idea of how I can get sound on a monitor without speakers and only an HDMI, DVI and VGA port?

Thank you.
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  1. get an hdmi stream splitter to split into dvi and sound
  2. Ya I guess I should have used the search function. Most forums haven't been very helpful but this one seems to have rehashed the same question a few times haha. Sorry for not searching first.

    I went with the $40 Microsoft one as opposed to the $10 gold platted, random company one. From reading reviews it sounds like the $10 ones pump out a very poor video quality.

    Thanks for the help.
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