ahhh! comp won't turn on!

Ok, I have a brand-new Antec Sonata with the Antec Truepower 380W PSu and brandnew Asus mobo, brandnew Ram, brandnew EVERYTHING. I hook up everything correctly and set the clock speeds and it works perfectly, then I disconnect it to move it to another room...plug it in, LED-power indicator light turns on....push powerbutton....NOTHING. I've tried everyhgin, I've disconnected EVERYTHING except the motherboard from the power and nothing happens. what the heck is goign on here ppl? any clues?
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  1. anyone wanna take a wild stab in the dark to guess what it is? Anything at this point will help
  2. There's a little switch on the back of your supply marked 0 and 1, switch it to 1, then use your power button.

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