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I have an Enermax 430w PS attached to Asus A7N8X with an AMD 2100xp. I have been having reboot problems and they came on pretty suddenly, after installing Unreal Tournament 2004. Since then, any intensive program reboots the machine. I never had MBM installed before but after the problems I put it on to test. The 5v seems low to me. It idles at 4.45 and then when Prime95 kicks in it will drop to 4.15. But the problem is that I can never tell when its going to reboot. But prime95 does a pretty good job of forcing it. I am no expert at this so Im asking is that to low? The others seem good 3 is 3.02 and 12 is 12.11 and they hardley fluctuate during load.
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  1. 3 s supposed it to be 3.3, not thee, meaning you'e looking at 10% or so on the 5 and 3.. By my tastes, means either you have PSU overloaded or it's just dying. Eitehr way, time for new PSU. Undervoltage is easiest way to kill components
  2. Ah guess I should checked the 3 line more carefully. You're right about that. Anyhow, I doubt its overloaded for what it should run. I run HD, 1 CD, 1 DVD and 3 fans. I have a vid card and soundcard. Thats pretty much it. Time for a new PSU.

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