power for 1 sec than nothing


I've set up a small sys with new mobo new vid and new psu. When i switch on the power it goes to the cd roms lights but in less than a sec the power cuts off.

Would a faulty mem stick do this?

Any suggestions



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  2. Are all the cables plugged in the right way?
    Is the clear CMOS jumper in the correct possition? I remember once I left it on clear CMOS, and my comp would start up for 8secs, then turn itself off.

    Have you got a spare memory stick you could try in it?

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  3. Sounds like a shorted motherboard. You probably have a mounting post between the 3rd and 4th slot, with no hole in your board there. This is the most likely location because 1/2 of motherboards use a stud there, while the other 1/2 don't.

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  4. You could also check that the heatsink is mounted correctly - if the CPU core is not contacting the HSF then after a very short time the CPU will overheat and the burnproof function on the board will shut off your PC instantly...

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