How Much Power?

How much power would one want for this setup? Or is there a calulator out there that is good?

P4 3ghz E
Abit Max3
1 gig DDR
(2) SATA drives
(2) optical Drives
ATI 9800pro
1 or 2 PCI cards (Voice Modem & ?)
plus a few case fans

ALso Suggestion for a good low temp PSU

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  1. A *quality* 400 or 450W PSU should be plenty.

    Check out the usual suspects; Antec, Fortron, Enermax
  2. This is a page to help you calculate your power needs:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Power Supply Wattage Calculator</A>

    And Toms has an article written in January that reviews about 15 PSUs.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    For an example I'm using the 400w Vantec Ion with a floppy drive, four hard drives, three optical drives, 1x120mm fan, 3x92mmfans, and 1x80mm fan. I've had this for awhile now with the adjustable fans set below maximum and have had no problems.

    ....WW (5.0)
  3. Thanks for the info -
    I like these PSUs -> Any Thoughts?
    Thinking this one
    Fortron 400W - FSP400-60PNU-R1 (With bottom 12CM Fan) $62

    or these 2 maybe
    Fortron 400W - FSP400-60PFN RET $62
    Antec - True 430 $67

    or is this worth the extra $20+
    ZALMAN Noise-free 400W(PFC, ver 1.3) - ZM400B-APS $88
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