Can i run gta 4 on gma 3100

my system configuration is
processor;intel core2 duo E8400 @3.00ghz
graphics:intel gma 3100
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  1. You should be able too, yes.
    View more information here:
  2. Absolutely not, intel GMA is in no way suited to run a game such as GTA 4
  3. I apologize for my false information then.
  4. Ummm... No.

    Check the following youtube video with an Intel E5300 and GMA 3100. "Blazing fast" 2 or 3 FPS @ 800x600 resolution.
  6. Sorry kid but you need a dedicated graphic card to run that game. GMA 3100 won't cut it. If you have a 9600GT atleast, it will run on low setting with a 2gb ram
  7. :hello: YEES You can...First follow these steps:
    1.Download/buy game
    2.Download SwiftShader
    3.See a tutorial
    4.I think there is FPS Booster for GTA IV so you will get more FPS
    GOOD BYE :) and have fun playing!!! :sol:
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