Ok. I would like to have 3 operating systems XP, Vista and 7 on one computer. I have 2 HD's on my computer. I will put Xp on my 70GB HD and that will work fine. When I use gparted live to partition off my 500 GB hd into 2 separate partitions do i make them as secondary partitions and format as ntfs? I am not sure so if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

I am using gparted live.

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  1. You must have a primary partition. But why bother with Vista? I can see why you would want XP & W7, older programs may require XP if they can't run in W7, but any that run in Vista should work either in XP or W7.
    Do yourself a favour and save the hassle of installing a 3rd OS and drivers then updating them all with Windows updates.
  2. I'd agree - why bother with Vista when you have 7?
  3. Why bother with Vista or XP when you have 7 :) Just get Ultimate or Business and run XP great.
  4. LePhuronn said:
    I'd agree - why bother with Vista when you have 7?

    If you were a developer you might want all 3 OSes so that you could test your code on each of them. Just one reason that you might want to run Vista.
  5. I installed Vista out of boredom. I used the OS as my testing environment for batch files. Rather go with Linux lol.
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