Can this computer play shogun 2 total war on max settings?

AMD FX-8120 CPU (8x 3.10GHz/8MB L2 Cache)

8 GB [2 GB X4] DDR3-1600 Memory Module

AMD Radeon HD 6870 - 1GB

[SLI] Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 -- AMD 990FX w/ 4x PCI-E 2.0 x16

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  1. It probably will play at max, but I m not sure how smoothly (FPS reasons).
  2. it wont max it.. it will run it at very high settings but fsaa will have to be reduced.. on any rez over 1680/1050...
    reason i know this. i have a 5870 which is slightly stronger than the 6870 and i cant max out STW
  3. That game will brutalize any system on max settings I have a 580GTX and i7920@3.2 6GB DDR3, I run it on Ultra everything except High Unit detail no AA or advanced filters and it runs smooth with 2 full Ultra sized armies. (its weird the difference Ultra to High Unit detail makes, and I cant even tell the difference)
  4. yer rite you have to zoom right in and really look for the changes. all you will find is deeper shadows.
  5. Thanks everyone for the help.
  6. I play Shogun 2 TW on ultra with my setup and get 50 to 60 FPS in battle on the campain map I get 30 FPS and I have everything on, I run two GTX 550 Ti's in SLI. My temps are around 59c to 64c and lower than 59c while in battle.
  7. On my AA is msaa 8x, Texture filterig is Anisotropic 8x, Shader model 5, Deph in field is off and distorrtion effects is off. Everything else is on or set to ultra. I get all of what I said before.
  8. Hey guys can you tell me if this computer is any better CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme 1316 Desktop PC Intel Core i5 2500K(3.30GHz) 8GB DDR3 2TB HDD Capacity AMD Radeon HD 6770 1GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  9. cpu wise yes, gpu wise no... overall performance for games, NO.
    i would recommend you build an i5 2500k, 4-8gigs of ram, and something like a 6870 or gtx560ti or better.
  10. Thanks for the help you guys but i have one more question will the alienware m11x(just the base system) play shogun 2 total war well. Im sorry for all the questions i just want to get this right.
  11. yes it will. There shouldn't be any problems. On max you will have to play around with it untill you dial it in. Good luck to ya
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