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Hello everyone! My Black Ops for the PC keeps crashing whenever I try to join a game...I have restarted Steam and have re-downloaded Black Ops but it just keeps happening, the first time it showed a purple screen and the second time it my PC blue screened. I know this is not my PC's components problem (RAM, ECT.) I have used Memtest and it has checked out OK, now that I'm thinking about it this only happened after Steams latest update...could this be causing it? I would like ANY suggestions/ideas on how to fix this :)

Thanks for your time
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  1. system specs please... normaly i have found this to be an issue when people try to run it on a system thats just under minimum spec... and i mean just under.
  2. CPU: 1100T x6
    GPU: 6770 (was in Xfire just was getting to hot :/)
    RAM: 8gb Dual Channel Kit 1333

    So Im FAR above the minimum requirements I'm able to max the game out, so specs isnt an issue any other ideas? :/
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