cleaning my power supply

hey all,

just a quick question, my power supply (quiet pc 300w), which i've had for a while and love as it has always been very quiet and despite only being ickle at 300 watts runs my 9800pro 128mb, sound card, athlon 64 3200+, 1GB geil ram, 3 sata diamond max 9's, 6 fans, 2 optical drives, webcam etc. without any stability problems at all has now become very dusty and dirty and ive noticed it is starting to power up the thermistor controlled fan much earlier than it used to which has made it quite noisy at night

ive managed to get my rig so i can make it virtually inaudible from 3-4 feet away when i turn down all the fans yet still be adequately cooled when i'm gaming for hours at a time


so this is p***ing me off

i want to clean it to improve the heat dissipation (i was planning to dust it off with a plastic brush after opening it up and possibly hoover it) but am aware that opening up the power supply can be dangerous

what precautions do i need to take?

i have had a look on the forums but couldn't find the right answers

i.e. - an idiot proof guide of what and what not to do ensuring i don't kill myself



Lil' Biatch

See you at the end of my scope :)
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  1. The power supply inside your computer is no big deal. Obviously just make sure it's not plugged in to anything and removed from your case.

    You probably dont want to go poking around inside there with a screwdriver or anything, yea I guess you could get a zap. Nothing in there should be serious though. When I clean mine, I open them up and blast the crap out of them with some canned air, while keeping the vacuum nozel a few inches away to suck up the dust. Works just fine.
  2. I've never been shocked by a power supply, and one of my sideline businesses is power supply repair.

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  3. just unplug it, short the power on pins a couple times and leave it over night. should be dead by then. counter-strike game server -
    now featuring valve security module!
  4. so basically it isn't particularly dangerous as long as i let the charge in the capacitors out

    wicked thankyou again thg lot for helping me out


    See you at the end of my scope :)
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