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Hello, I have been looking for a while an old strategy game where there you had a base and you were building machines to destroy the enemy base. You could make them invisible and also build towers to see them. I think it was running on windows 98. Thank you.
Also sorry for the bad english.
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  1. Warcraft 3?
  2. No no no... :pfff: It was a very old game. Running on windows 98
  3. Starcraft?
  4. An early Command & Conquer game perhaps?
  5. It definitely sounds like an early C&C game.... Can you remember any other details about the game? Like what the two armies were called or any of the buildings or anything?
  6. Total Annihilation maybe?
  7. No guys. That's the only information i can give you. I need to ask my brother but please continue to reply if you find any game like that
  8. could be battle field 1 or 2
  9. sry i meant battlezone 1 or 2
  10. was it crysis 2 ?
  11. ^this
  12. Possibly one of the following:

    Total Annhilation (1997)
    Homeworld (1999)
    Machines (1999)
    Warzone 2100 (1999)
    Dawn of War (2004)
  13. That description wreaks of an old C&C game (i.e. when the franchise was actually good), I gave up on it after red alert 2.

    As I am not aware of any game where you can like always make your whole army invisible. But C&C had plenty of stealth units and "towers" in which to reveal them.
  14. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Age of Empires (1997)?

    Damn good game
  15. def sounds like C7C

    pretty sure it's not TA, as it had no invisible units
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