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Install games after steam activate?

Ok so i bought retail Modern Warfare 3 and installed it after activating it on steam. I let my little brother play it and now the CD's are broken. I was planning to reload my operation system but i dont know if steam will reinstall Modern Warfare 3 without the disk. Can someone please tell me if i need the CD now so i can reload my operating system. My PC desperately needs it. Thanks for anyone who replies seriously.

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  1. If you activated it on steam then the game is now tied to your steam account, you won't need the disc to download it again.
  2. As long as you know your steam log in and you have activated it on steam, you can get steam to download it.
    Once steam is installed and you log in, your games will be greyed out just right click and click install.
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    All steam needs to do is verify your IP address and your log on. If you try to log in on another computer you have to jump through hoops. It will sooner of later let you in. I had that problem when I build this one.

    Also your probuct key just in case. Any retail game you buy that is associated with steam, once you down load it to your computer then steam also gets it. That is one advantage of having steam
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