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Hello, I've been playing Skyrim since it's release and I've been running it on almost Ultra settings and it always ran perfectly smooth. The only thing I couldn't turn up to ultra was the shadow detail.

I've been playing it on Windows xp professional 32 bit up until last night, I installed windows 7 pro 64 bit on my pc, now when I try to play it I have to turn the graphics down to medium settings, even though win 7 lets me use more ram then xp did.

Does anyone know any way fixing this?

I'm running:

3.8 Ghz 3 core CPU
1gb geforce 9500 gt video card
4 gb of ram

Should having direct X 11 instead of direct X 9 and having my full 4 gb of ram instead of 3.2 increase performance and not hinder it?
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  2. The way to fix it would be to use Windows XP..... there is no such thing as a "OS Upgrade" .... moving to a newer OS on the same hardware always reduces performance, always has....I expect it always will. And yes, DX11 is a bigger load than DX9.
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