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Starcraft II crashing and causing windows failures

So this has happened 4-5 times in about a week. Ill be playing starcraft and randomly out of the blue, the screen comes up with black lines in a few places and things turning white, then the screen goes black and after closing SC2 (Via alt-f4 or task mngr) I can't open anything else they just come up with "@@@@@.exe has stopped working" (This affecs EVERYTHING, browsers, skype, winn media player) This is getting really bothersome as my friend and I have so much trouble finishing a game together.

I have 2 6870s in crossfire, the drivers are up to date, I know blizzard games have trouble with starcraft, so I both disabled it and enabled it and had the same result. I haven't had a chance to monitor the temps because when I tried to, the game worked fine. CPU temps, same case but they've never really gone above ~55C before so I still don't think thats it. Please help!

Phenom ii x4 965

Gigabyte 990xA-ud3

Sapphire Radeon HD 6870

Sapphire Radeon HD 6870

Cougar 700W psu (Wouldn't the computer just shut down if this were the problem?)

hyper 212+

EDIT: Tested temps, nothing overheated, GPUs hit high 60s and cpu hit 46C. Im really lost here
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    well for a start your gonna have a slight bottleneck if you havent oc'd the cpu.
    if you already have oc'd it then maybe its a little unstable... try turning it down a little to see if it becomes stable. if it does then turn it back up and apply a little more voltage to the cpu and or North Bridge.

    also check the event logs. crtlpanel/admintools/eventviewer. applications...
    chances are its a driver quitting and failing to restart for some reason .
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