How to use your computer keyboard to play an xbox 360 console

could someone help me. i want to use my laptop as a controller to play my xbox 360 console i have looked and looked but found nothin. could someone please help me.
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  1. Im not sure it is possible to use your laptop as a controller. However, If you just want to use a USB Keyboard and USB Mouse. What I use is a XIM3 ( They cost about $150 US, and are very close to PC control and feel (its noticable on some games rather than all). But I would say about 90% good translation. I use it with my xbox 360 along with a Steelseries 6v6g and Logitech G9x. In addition there is an email posted on the forums from Microsoft Support reguarding legality (<-if that's a word). It is allowed on Microsoft's Live service.
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