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I have been trying to fix my computer for some time now and thought the problem would be resolved when I got and installed a new power supply. The old power supply was a 350 Watt Sparkle. After reading some posts and reviews about power supplies I went with and 350 Watt Antec SL350 Blue. Now the problem I was having with the old PSU (or what I thought was being caused by the old PSU) was when I pressed the the power button all the system fans would begin to run and then 1-2 seconds later stop and the computer wouldn't boot. I did not add anything to the computer, in fact I took things out to see if that would solve the problem. With the Antec I still have the same problem. I will press the power button and the fans will all start running and the blue LED in the PSU will turn on but 1-2 seconds later everything shuts down. Nothing ever shows up on the monitor.

Also this might help, I have a chieftec wireless keyboard and mouse. The reciever has two LEDs to show activity/link to the keyboard and mouse. I don't use the mouse (because I use a logitech MX700) so the light corisponding to the mouse normally never lights up. Now after I hit the power button and everything turns on and then shuts off right away both the keyboard and mouse LED stay light and the LED on the motherboard stay lit. I have to then press the power button until the mouse LED and the motherboard LED turn off (or unplug the PSU or the the motherboard from the PSU) to get the computer power on again(of course powering on yields the same result of turning on for 1-2 seconds and the turning off).

So After that rather lengthy description, Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be. I am don't think it is the PSU because it is brand new out of the box. Could the motherboard be fried or some other part cause the a short or something. I really have no idea.

My System specs for the hell of it:
Althon XP 1800+
Giga-byte GA-7VRXP
256 MB 2700 DDR RAM
WD 40 GB harddrive
WD 100 GB harddrive
Lite-on DVD-ROM drive
Sony CD-RW drive
Visiontek GF4 Ti4600 128 MB
Floppy Drive
Antec SL350 Blue

Thanks for any and all help!
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  1. LMAO@U! You replaced the greater power supply with the lesser one and you still have the problem! The only way a Sparkle Power 350W would be lesser than an Antec is if the Sparkle was damaged! In fact, your Spakle Power supply is probably good for a full 100W over the Antec!

    Did the system work before and suddenly stop working without you changing anything? If so, I think you might have a damaged motherboard. If not, I think you've connected something wrong.

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  2. Well my computer has been in a downward spiral. First I was getting BSOD related to my sound card and its drivers. Then I started to get this funky smell out of the computer which was my graphics card overheating and burning the epoxy holding the heatsink on. Now finally I can't get it to turn on.

    So how would I be able to tell if the motherboard is damaged and unusable? And if the motherboard is truly gone, and forgive my stupidity, could I get a new motherboard and just pop the CPU out of the old one and right into the new one without getting a new heatsink?
  3. If you have compatiable spare parts from another computer, you could try swapping those parts out and testing them on the motherboard in question to see if it will post. If it does then you know it's the board.

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  4. I would try replacing the RAM first, it looks like you only have a single module of RAM. If that is the case then it might be loose or damaged. The BSOD error might have been ESD damage to the RAM. If you can smell epoxy coming off the graphics card then it also needs to be replaced.

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  5. I have tested the RAM in another computer and it works fine. I have also tried taking a working stick of RAM and putting it into the motherboard in question with the same result. As for the video card I have replaced it and still no change.

    I will try the other components on another motherboard but some how I think I am going to end up replacing the motherboard.
  6. I may be wrong in this assumption, but I'm going to assume that you don't have a DMM, nor no how to use one. That would be a good way to test if your mobo is working. What I'm betting is you blew a voltage regulator near the CPU.
  7. You are correct in your assumptions. If I did blow a voltage regulator would there be any visual indications and would the CPU be broken too?
  8. soafb--I just typed this long ass post. I went to another Tom's window to look for a link. When I opened a fargin window it opened here and blocked my long ass post out. Dammit why are fargin computers so fargin dumb--bad computer, bad computer.

    well good luck buddy I am gonna rack out now, lol.
  9. No, the CPU wouldn't be fried in this case. In fact, today's modern CPUs are rather difficult to fry. You mentoined that your mouse and keyboard still light up. That means your motherboard is, at the very least, partially working. When you say the computer is off, is it still connected to a surge processor (using a wall outlet is not the best idea). If that is the case, your mouse and keyboard work on a voltage of 5V, if I'm not mistaken. When your comp is "off", your psu is still supplying 5V. Basically, the way your ATX motherboard works is this: The power goes all the way around, until it reaches your CPU - one of - if not the last component that receives power.

    So, when I say your motherboard is at least partially working, the power is getting around. But because of a possible voltage regulator near the CPU, the power cannot proceed to your CPU. Your CPU is protected from harm because of things like regulators and such.

    Anyway, all of this depends on some info I need. First of all, describe as detailed as you can what happens when the computer turns on for a second and then off. What exactly turns on? What stays running after it is off (besides the mouse and keyboard)? Does your PSU still run after the computer shuts off?

    I'm betting your mobo is the problem. I think you said that the new PSU works in another system (I'm not looking at your post as I type this; sorry if I'm incorrect). If I'm mistaken on that notion, then you should try that if you can or get a good, working spare PSU and try it on your system. It doesn't have to be a work horse. A 100 or 150 WATT PSU will work fine, albeit for a little while. You don't want to leave that type of PSU working for too long, as the heat will fry the PSU eventually. But it's a good test PSU if you have nothing else available.

    Oh, those PSU testers are garbage. They only test if your receiving good voltages. What they don't test is the load capacity equivalent to your motherboard. The testers draw very little power compared to your motherboard. What does that have to do with your situation? Well, your PSU may be shutting down because it can't handle the load for some reason.

    What I think you should do is take your mobo out of the case and lay it on some cardboard. IF you have an antistatic bag/sheet, that is OK. It's not great, but despite what others say, I would be shocked if the antistatic bag completely wiped out your mobo. But the cardboard is a no-brainer. All this eliminates any grounding issues you may or may not have. Just connect your PSU, ram, CPU, video card, and PSU. IF you have an older Video card that doesn't need a separate connector from the PSU, that would be great. Start it up and see what happens.
  10. Also, does your CPU turn on? does its fan spin? Does anything happen? Do you see text on the screen or you see nothing?
  11. Basicly when I press the power button all the fans spin for a second (and I mean a second or less) and then stop. By all the fans I mean the system fans, the CPU fan, the graphics card fan, and the PSU fans all run for that second and then stop. The only thing that stays on is the little LED on the motherboard next to the power connection and the lights for the mouse and keyboard. I get nothing on the monitor becuase well it shuts off within a second.

    I will try to take the motherboard out and see if what you are suggesting works.

    Tried taking the motherboard out of the case and placing it on cardboard and got the same result, that being fans spin LED on motherboard stays lit. So is it save to assume that the motherboard is broken and a replacement is necessary?
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