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  1. It could be, and it would be in Blizzard's interest for it to be. Seems a little soon to me but the game isn't bringing anything newer (lastgen graphics) than the infrastructure they are using for web support in it.

    Either way though, real money auction house that blizzard will be skimming a percentage off of? That company can go blow elephants, nickel a herd.
  2. newegg.com was having that promo.
    newegg was 12/31 but nah~~ they lied lol
    however let see late late late Diablo 3 will catch our hearts again???
  3. Hmmm. I'm now thinking almost definitely not a real release date.

    I wonder if BB did it just to drive 'pre-order' sales. SO many fewer people pre order when there is no date to be released.
  4. It's false - Game Retailers need to share a release date to help create buyers. It's a sales technique and every retailer does it eventually. I pre-ordered Starcraft 2 in April of 2010, where GameStop had told me they will have the physical copies by June. Release date was July 27th. Diablo is still in Closed Beta, I'm going to guess that it's going to be another 2-4 months before they actually tell us the direct date of launch. Still a load of bugs to work out.
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