Batman Arkham City Crashes in 1-3 minutes in???

I need help to figure out how to stop Batman Arkham City from crashing a few minutes in?

My system runs Crysis 2 alittle above 30fps in DX 11 with the HD texture package with everything set to ultra except the shaders.

In Battlefiels 3 everything is set to high with closer to 40fps.

From what I seen Batman AC looks just as good and I'm getting between 30-60fps until it crashes...... :fou:

Rarely I get a system hang ups in other games but they are complete system locks or looping, requireing a manual restart. I assume this is due to my high overclock on my older machine which is requred to run these games.

But Batman AC just crashes and everthing else stays running. I have been serching online for ways to resolve this issue but I can't find any easy to understand walk-thrus.

My system-

Asus p5wd2-premium board
Pentium 945D - OC @ 4.255Ghz
Kingston 4gigs DDR2-800 @ 833Mhz
Windows 7 64-bit Home
Intel 320 SATAII 120 Gig SSD, Operating system and games
Nvidia 560Ti Referance card - no OC @16x
Nvidia 560Ti Referance card - for PhysX @ 4X
Corsair HX850 Power Supply
Corsair H-60 with Radiator changed to a Black Ice GTS 240

Batman Arkham City installed of Retail Disc Updated thru Windows LIVE(wouldn't even Launch before update)
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  1. the game has driver issues and seems badly coded for dx11. try disabling dx11 entirely. not only that the earlier 560ti has bios issues also... so you may want to look into updating them qith a flash... (this is potentially dangerous to the cards so do it at your own risk and only if your sure that its the root of the problem)
  2. When it crashes, task manager shows BAC 32-bit DX9 -not responding

    One 560Ti is barely a month old, the other on PhysX is 2 months old

    GPU-Z says the running BIOS version, what one has problems and whats a good one??

    I did get it to last anyware from 5 to 15 minutes by shifting PhysX over to just the one card( graphics and PhysX ) This my be to my MB not being a true SLI MB, the Nvidia driver won't let me enable SLI even though it sees both 560Ti's one at 16x and one at 4x. Maybe running the second card is causing more trouble than a few extra frames I get by offloading the PhysX to it.

    Now I'm only getting 26 to 44 fps but its worth it to actally play the game a bit

    It's just annoying when you beat a boss and it crashes before the cut scene and you have to load the whole thing back up and try to do it all again before it crashes.

    I have flashed my MB BIOS and overclock it to the moon but these pair of Ti's are my first of the new breed of cards, my last one was a 7800, before that, the ones I had was still PCI slot cards. So I'm not really gonna try to flash them due to not really knowing how to, yet.
  3. Hi BKCxb

    Your system spec is doing fine and you have a 560Ti barely one month old

    I think you should lower your setting a little bit i'm using HD5850 and my machine
    is 17 2600k 16gb ram (kingston of course due to is easy available in my country Malaysia and is cheap)

    I too have the same problem as you do, but when i lower a step down (refer to your GPU setting) it actually let you to play longer before the same crash occur not the best solution though at least you can play longer a little without getting much headache.

    Try disable the Vsync it will drastically help see below setting:-

    <User Profile>/My Documents/WB Games/BAC/BmGame/Config/UserEngine ,
    open with Notepad, and editing the line UseVsync=True to False.

    Also, in the same file edit AllowD3D10=False to True and AllowD3D11=True to False.
    Huge FPS bump
  4. hi BXCxb

    the same thing happened to me when i got the game. what i found out is it crashes but the game is still running, all it did was some how minimize the game and takes you back to the desktop. so what you do is open task manager and you will see that it is still there and it is responding too, so all you do is click on the game from task manager and it will take you back in the game from where it crashed.

    I hope this will work because that is what i did. :)
  5. The fact the system isn't stable to begin with (hangs = unstable system) basically makes it impossible to isolate if the problem is the game, or the system. Only way to know for sure would be to remove the OC and test at stock settings.
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