Games for old pc

hello, i have A old pc

AMD Athlon II+2 2.1GHz single
onboard graphics nvidia 7025 (512MB)
2BG ram
500gb HD

i am playing games like gta sanAndreas,counter strike etc working well

can u please tell me the FPS(first person shooter) games, which works for my comp,no bother about graphics, i can play at low details
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  1. Call of Duty 2 would probably play on med - low settings no problem. It's one of my favourite older FPS games.

    Battlefield 2 should work as well although I've never played it so can't comment on how good it is.
  2. A real old school FPS game would be Medal of Honor Allied Assault. I love that game and still play it every so often now :)

    You are really limited in what you can play with those specs but there's a few idea's for you.

    PS apologies for double post but pressed enter before I had finished typing
  3. If you are playing CS, you can play Half-Life, great games, also you can try doom 3, and you can try some unreal tournament (old ones) and Quake:Arena games...
  4. Hi Bud, try playing Max Payne 2, wont go far wrong with that although it is really a third person perspective - give it a try if you can get hold of it.
    Spent many a night playing that around 2002 /2003. :bounce: :bounce:
  5. thanks for all of u, if u get any other games , please update me
  6. Try playing any of the battlefield games like bf1942 or vietnam or 2, and the desert combat mod is still one of the best games that has come out.
  7. Google for games released during the 2001-2003 periods.
  8. Oh, sorry Vader6x. Didn't read your statement clearly.
    Thanks for correcting me oldmangamer. :)
  9. if CSS is working well for you try the other derivatives:
    Left for Dead (multiplayer)
    Half-Life 2
    Team Fortress (free on steam) (multiplayer)
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