Alienware Cases ??

Anybody know where I can find an Alienware PC Case and power supply? I like to build my own systems and I was really interested in the Alienware cases but I don't want to purchase the whole system from them. I didn't see an option for components on their website and I can't seem to find the cases anywhere.

Do they even provide cases for retail?
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  1. I don't think so dude. Alienware builds GOD systems, they wouldn't sell their case, too worried about someone throwing some ass components in there and trying to pass it off.

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  2. Except of course that they still sell systems in the standard Chieftec cases that everyone and their mother has used for the last few years.

    That being siad, haven't seen that particular design(style used in Area 51, etc) for sale anywhere yet. Very possible with Alienware's volume that the cases are custom runs for them by Chenbro or someone.
  3. just build a case dude, its fun. you can make it look however you want.

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  4. Build a case ???? OK this might be very rookie but how would I go about doing that??? Is there a site that sells each piece separately or something. Never really knew this was an option. Has anyone else ever tried building their own case??
  5. somewhere that sells the individual pieces???

    home depot, menards, ace hardware.

    lots of people build their case. in the enthusist world, building a case is the only time the word "building" actually means "building" and not "assembling."

    its fairly easy, if you use wood you'll need to strip some stuff out of a steel case(mobo mount and drive bays) b/c those are more work than they're worth. if you use plexyglass then you can put the mobo riser directly into the plastic, same for drive bays.

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  6. Simple just get a cardboard box put every thing you need in that and then get a green marker and draw and alien head on your box and *BOOM* you got yourself an aleinware case.

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  7. Isn't that how your mom found you? And she thought she was getting a Dell.

    I'd say just get a cheap steel case, get a dremel, some plexiglass, lights, paint and whatever else you can get your hands on, take your time and and you can make some wonderful things.
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  8. where's the artistic woodworking??? the hours of delicate craftsmanship??? haha...just a suggestion. for a normal person i would recomend the dremel route...but i love carpentry and building a case isn't much different from a nightstand. very fun.

    plust it makes the computer look more like furniture, keeps grabby hands of intruders away :smile:

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  9. Check eBay...I saw one up last week.

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