Ultra PSUs?

Ok I know everyone says Antec/Enermax/etc are the best for PSUs and there are tons of cheap rip-offs (Aspire) looking to sell to you. I've come across one I've never heard of being packaged with Chieftec cases over at TigerDirect.ca - Some of the deals are quite nice and range from 350W to 500W PSUs. I've read the customer reviews and a few from the net and all say this PSU is very stable, etc. Does anyone know if I can trust this company or is it another Aspire?
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  1. Everyone is saying that? Only idiots. The best standard power supplies are all made by Fortron Source. Those include Sparkle Power and many Aopen power supplies. Zalman uses Fortron Source internals for their high end power supplies.

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  2. Ultra power supplies don't seem to be built very well, with the only worse ones being those that Tiger Direct compares them against. They may not even be UL listed, contrary to the printing on the labels -- verify any registration no. with www.ul.com.

    Fortron-Source is not only excellent but often unusually inexpensive, and some of the other brands they're sold under include Powerman, Powertech, Power-Q, Hi-Q, and Trend.
    If the model number starts with "FSP" it's almost definitely Fortron-Source, but some of their models start with "ATX"
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