Running my Web Page out of my own computer

Hello everyone!

I am trying to run my personal web page out of my own computer and I have no idea on where to start.
I have a registered domain name with a company that offers free hosting with up to 20MB of disk space. This is where I currently have my web page running out of.

Since 20MB is way too little space, I'm thinking it would be better to run it out of my own machine.

I have the following:
-cable internet connection
-toshiba external cable modem
-3com router (lan with 4 puters)
-Win XP Pro.

My current IP address is supposed to be dynamic, but since I got my cable connection, 2 years ago, I've had the same ip address. I even try to renew it and it wouldn't change.

What kind of settings I need to get from the company that is handling my web page right now, so I can transfer them to my system?

Well, hopefully somebody can get me started with some info. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. What you need is a software HTTP server. There are many pricey options with added luxury and lard. But nothing beats free, right? The Apache HTTP Server v2.0 kicks butt and is open source. You can get it at

    All you need to do then to install it, cofig it (IP-adress, port etc.), put the html-docs in the correct subfolder of the server (htdocs) and finally link your domain name to your home IP. Your web-server is now good to go.

    If your IP later turns out ot be dynamic after all, I can strongly recommend the DNS2Go service, which can be found at Or perhaps you're so lucky that your domain-provider has support for dynamic IP. Who knows?

    / Topaz
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    You're right, nothing beats free. I think I'll give Apache a try, but I've heard it could be a little complicated.
    I was planning to use the server that comes with Win XP,IIS (Internet Information Services).

    How do I link my domain name to my home ip?
    What kind of info do I need from the guys that I have my domain name registered with?

    Thanks again,

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  3. Well, if you bought a whole "package" with hosting and all, chances are big that it is the provider of the hosting service that has actually registred the domain name. In that case, you can't link your domain *directly* to your IP. You could, however, go with the hosting option, having a small auto-redirection script as only hosted page, with the script pointing to your IP.

    Hope that made some sense.

    / Topaz
  4. Yeah, it does make sense.

    This company will transfer the web hosting for $10.00
    I like the idea of just redirecting my web to my IP.
    I'll search for a script.


    Remember: If you go to bed with itchy butt, you'll wake up with smelly fingers.
  5. Hi,
    I'd go with apache rather than iis, though it is a little bit harder to set up (not VERY hard though, 5 minutes reading the info is all it needs)
    The people you get the domain name from probably do forwarding for free, I know mine does, basically my domain name can be redirected to wherever I want, I hosted it on my pc for a while, tried IIS and apache, IIS was easier to setup (since its built into 2k server anyway) but be sure you have all the security updates if you do use IIS. I now redirect mine to some free web space I have (again, done by the people that provide my domain name, I just log in and change the redirection - as I do for email), If redirection by your host isnt an option, post back and I'll post you a bit of a script to redirect automatically.

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