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Poor BF3 Performance on Ultra - i7 2600k, 6950 2GB in CFX - HELP!


MSI Z68A GD65 G3 Mobo
i7 2600k @ Stock w/ Hyper 212+ Cooler
2x HIS 6950 2GB IceQ Turbo (@840MHz)
8GB DDR3 1600 Corsair Vengeance RAM
750W Corsair PSU

Running BF3 on Ultra settings with NO MSAA, Medium/High Post, 1x-4x and HBAO:

Avg: 40-45 FPS, dipping into 32-35 at times and up to 55-65 at times.

I feel like my performance should be higher. I have a friend who flashed older 6950s into 6970s and he never dips below 60 FPS with a non-SB i7 processor at a slower clock (3.2 I believe).

I've tried the current drivers, the 12.1 beta drivers, wiped drivers with Atiman and re-installed drivers. No change in performance. Yes I know CFX is enabled - GPU-Z can see both cards and monitor both cards.

Am I expecting too much? Do these numbers sound right?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. why arent you overclocking that 2600k?

    put that up to 4.5ghz and see if fps improve
  2. In short, I don't need to overclock my 2600k to run BF3 / overclocking my CPU isn't going to increase my performance. 2 reasons:

    1) BF3 isn't a very CPU intensive game. Therefore, my CPU isn't my bottleneck.

    2) I did have it overclocked to 4.0, but the response time of the CPU was very erratic according to the PerfOverlay in BF3. My CPU graph was very jagged and there was considerable micro-stuttering. When I reverted back to stock settings, it smoothed out.

    Really, my question isn't a "can my PC run this" question. I know without a doubt that I have more than enough horsepower for BF3.

    My question is more so: "why aren't my Crossfired 6950s eating this game alive?"

    In my eyes, there is something wrong with the CFX setup, driver, etc. That's why I came here - I have tried everything that I can think of. I would think that my PC would put out much more than 35-40 FPS on those Ultra settings (minus MSAA).

    Thanks for the response though.
  3. damn my single 5870 with a athlon x4 640 get higher frames than that at 1080p msaa 2x and all high, maybe you, might not be recognizing the crossfire otherwise idk, maybe you should try power options and check and make sure minimum processor state is 100%
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    Found the problem. There was something wrong in my BIOS settings and the timings of my processor were off.
  5. Congrats on fixing :)
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