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I am building a new computer and I don't know which computer case to choose. There are hundreds of computer case brand and I need you guys help to find one for me.

Quality: My first priority
Looks: I don't care how bad the case look as long as it has good build quality.
Price: $50 is my limit

All i want is a simple case with good quality. I don't want those fancy one that cost $200. I have this case for my old computer. Its build quality is poor. The PCI holes are misplaced and those case edge makes hurts my hands.
Again, I am looking for a case for convienence that can let me add and remove hardware easily and good bulid quality that the sockets are exactly where they supposed to be.
Thanks for reading and sorry for the grammar.
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  1. ANTEC (USA) SLK2600AMB, Metallic Bronze color, 300watt SmartPower

    2.6C @ 3.25G (Zalman 7000AU-ALCU HSF)
    ABIT IC7-Max3
    2x Kingmax SuperRam 512 DDR433
    GeXcube 9800pro @ 450/750
    80G Seagate S-ATA150
    Antec Super Lanboy w/ 350 Smart Blue PSU
  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> Tom's and Maximum PC have both given this case good marks.

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  3. Chieftec Dragon Series w/o PSU is a great case for the price, dont know how much they go for in the US tho.
  4. Inwin and Enlight make some quality cases around that price.

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  5. Thanks for the reply. There are some nice cases there. I like the antec one and the Enlight one is not bad. One more Q: What do you think what is the highest brand out there?
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