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Upgrade my video card on a dell xps 8300 ( Need help)

I want to upgrade my Dell XPs 8300 video card for a better gaming video card that still supports Direct x 11 and that would overall run on any kind of PC game with med to high settings. I don't know if i have to upgrade the power supply for it.

My system specs:
System model: XPS 8300
Processor Intel (R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4ghz ( 8CPUs)~ 3.4ghz
Ram: 12GBs
Harddrive: 1TB

Currently has this video card: AMD HD Radeon 6450

My budget: Is approx. ( Being a college student and all) 200$-250$

P.S I play games on Steam a lot and try out random MMOs from time to time. Most of the games i play are pretty graphics intense except for the Indie ones.
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  1. hello and welcome,
    it's a good starter desktop, but not knowing what PSU you have is troublesome. Could you check your documentation or open the computer up and check the PSU model/markings inside?

    or what is your system service tag?

    my guess is you have something around 400-550W PSU. That leaves a decent range of cards available, but not knowing whether you will need to upgrade the PSU or not leaves you hanging.

    Basically, for $200 you could pick up 560Ti or 6950, but that requires at least 500W PSU. So, if you need to get a PSU for $50-80, then you're left with $170 worst case, at which point you could settle for 6870 (~$185)

    (see here:,3107-4.html)

    So, first order of business, figure out exactly what PSU you have.

    Also, if you could tell us exactly which games you prefer that could help a bit (random MMOs typically aren't very GPU heavy, but if you get something like witcher 2 on steam that's a significant tax on your video card if you run it on high settings)
  2. Service tag is H6RCTR1

    I play very demanding games like the Witcher 2 and sand box games. And sometimes Third person shooters and first person shooters
  3. Best answer
    that makes it a 460W PSU,

    well I still stand by my recommendation above, you best choice is probably a 6870 + new PSU
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  5. Thanks mate!
  6. Maybe this

    (check that this design will work with your case design, if not look for alternate)

    I also recommend to look at reviews on various websites before placing the order for any particular part.
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