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Hello all,

I've been around Tom's Hardware a couple of times, I'm pretty hardware savvy but I've been having an issue with this laptop for about a year now and I'm hoping someone has some insight. I received an HP Pavilion DV6 laptop last year and it has never lived up to what I believe it should in terms of performance.

The basic specs are:

Intel I5 Processor @ 2.2Ghz
Switchable graphics, Intel and an AMD Radeon HD 5650m (I have the Intel graphics all but completely disabled)
4 Gb DDR3 RAM, shared with 1 Gb on the graphics card I believe
Windows 7 64-bit Premium

This laptop seems unable to handle all but the simplest of games, even Minecraft bogs down on low settings, WoW is nearly unplayable on anything but low. I haven't tried any of the more advanced games I usually play on my desktop because I have no faith that this laptop could handle any of them even on low ( Skyrim, etc.)

I've gone through the obvious solutions, drivers, power settings, clearing the bloatware, but nothing seems to be making a marked influence on my performance. Many of the threads I've seen online lead me to believe that this laptop is capable of handling more than just 2D gaming, even Civ3 lags to an unbelievable degree.

Any advice to improve performance that I maybe haven't considered would be very useful, keep in mind I have Windows 7 stripped of all the bells and whistles. Replacing the laptop isn't an option as it didn't come with any kind of warranty. So am I missing something here? Or should I just not be expecting as much as I am out of this laptop?
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  1. Hello,

    well, 5650 matches roughly to latest nVidia GT 525, which is pretty weak for gaming as it's a basic entry level video card (as you said only the basic of games will work on it in native resolution of your laptop)

    I think you forget about the fact that this is a mobile GPU and is not the same as a desktop 5650 which would give you quite good performance even today.

    for reference, see here:
    there's an option to show desktop video cards along side the laptop ones, that should give you a better idea of performance comparison between mobile to desktop GPU.
  2. Thanks for the reply and for the website. While I do realize there is a huge difference in the desktop 5650 to the mobile 5650, the site does answer some of my questions. I do still find it very strange that the card is able to handle some graphically significant games on low settings, but absolutely drops the ball with games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Eve, especially since to my understanding the first two put a lot more pressure on the processor than the GPU.

    Either way, thanks again, the benchmarks clear a few things up for me.
  3. well, one thing you have to keep in mind with sandbox games like minecraft, while having rather simplistic graphics each little piece is rendered as a separate object, now multiply that by however many objects you put toghether and all of a sudden your card is most likely running out of steam just because of the sheer amount of data it has to dig through in order to render a scene.

    It's similar thing with SC2 where some high end desktop rigs get bogged down when there's over 300 units on the screen, while the games run flawlessly on ultra at 60 fps when you're playing a ladder 1v1.
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