Overworking my PSU?

I recently installed a Radeon 9800pro 128meg. My generic 300w Max Power Supply was running everything okay then. Now the voltage level is jump from around 12.992 to 13.056 sometimes. My friend said this could be overworking the PSU alot. Is this true? Is my PSU running at a dangerous level?
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  1. This is about an 8-9% Voltage tolerance, which is (unfortunately) normal with generic PSUs. Even though I frown upon this tolerence, as well as generic PSUs (unless one actually builds it his or herself and designed it as such), your differential voltage fluctuation (13.056 - 12.992) is normal. I'm running an AIW 9800 pro, and it may not draw as much (wattage) as a prescott, but I would never use a generic PSU from a store. If your happy with your generic, that's fine. But if something gets blown, you can bet that your generic PSU is a suspect, if not the prime suspect.
  2. Okay, in light of what you said im probably going to pick up the Silver Stone 400W ATX next week, let's just hope the PSU holds out for 4 days of gaming or so :-p
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