I installed FRAPS and played Batman Arkham City to see real-time fps. What it did is actually beyond showing fps. It changed the viewing angle of the game permanently. Viewpoint now is from the ground to the sky. Yes, you can see Batman/Catwoman's head in the bottom left corner, and always the top of the buildings and night sky. Closing FRAPS doesn't restore it, not rebooting the computer. I had to uninstall and reinstall whole game to return to normal. What's wrong with FRAPS? Is there any way to safely run the program, or any other better fps counter?

i5 2400
MSI H67 MA E45 B3
EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448 core Classified
Corsair 1333 4GB x 2
1920 x 1080
Windows 7 64bit SP1
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  1. havent had any problems running fraps in arkham city--works fine

    only problems i have had is turning physx on kept corrupting my saved game making me start all over again :cry:

    turning physx totally off cured this :D
  2. yes problems can happen when you instal a program that has some settings to do something with another program, like mods can f*ck a game up, its not your fault, what i could recomand you is that you install fraps before anything, if you ever reload your computer, but reinstalling the game is an easy thing to do(even do its not fun) backup your game files or rely on steam to save them to a cloud

    i hate when problems happen, but since you fixed it, it should not be a problem anymore(i would try updating fraps when able to)
  3. I love to play Shogun 2 and if I have Fraps going when I try going into battle it will CTD and End of turn will just freeze. The only one so far that I can run is the MSI Afterburner it gives me temps, fraps ,useage and speed.

    It is something about fraps to have it going while gaming and yet other people use it just fine with out any problems
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