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How to create Skyrim mods?

Without the Creative Kit out yet, I was wondering how so many people have managed to retexture armors, create their own, and make new add-ons to houses? I am very interested in doing all of those things myself, but I do not know how to go about this. Please help. I am on Windows 7 (64-bit).
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  1. The creation kit is coming out this month, so yo may as well wait.
  2. Basically the construction kit just makes alot of the modding more user friendly and easier. It is still possible to mod the game without it.

    For texture mods (which are the only things ive done) you can use the fallout mod manager from the nexus to extract the textures from skyrim, then modify them and place them in your data/textures folder.
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    There's a way to rig the GECK from fallout with Skyrim to make the gameplay changes you've seen (houses, etc.). However, it's very limited as far as I know, and there isn't any scripting. If you wanna try it, google around. I know there's a tutorial on skyrim nexus, but I can't get the link for you because my school computers block the nexus.
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  5. there is a skyrim geck comming out soon from what i hear.
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