Windows XP Pro for universities?

I was told that in order to connect to your universities internet, you needed windows XP Proffessional. I also heard that they offer you the CD for 15 dollars as well. Aside from the specifics on the price of XP Pro, is it true that most universities require XP Pro in order to connect to their networK?

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  1. if your hooking up to a domain then yes you need pro. Home wont do it afaik. I would get a copy of it whether you need it or not.
    Also might be for security reasons. Many schools require you to run a certain anti-virus thats updated automatically from the universities server. Theirs may only work with xp.
    Just my thoughts.
  2. I don't know the technical reasons, but I've bought laptops for a few of our exec's kids in college - every college has strongly recommended Pro. One said they would accept Home, but certain limitations were imposed.

    Before I went into detail reading up on the limitations, I convinced them to just get pro... But the most likely reasons are: Domain (as mentioned before) connectivity and security.


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  3. It's about security and accessing files off their servers, some even have you connect to a domain.
    Besides that, any of their students who go to work will most likely be working on Pro and not a Home version, so it's setting non-savvy people up for being comfortable in a work place.
  4. a lot of colleges offer copies of the os for very cheap, 15 bucks is about right, i got my copy from university of washington for 10 bucks.

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