PSU for a 3200+ with 6800 gt/ultra?

Im not sure what kind of powersupply im going to need in order to have a stable system. Ive heard the geforce 6800 cards are real power hogs and im going to have to upgrade my psu.
Heres my system spec:
3200+ athlon xp
6800 gt or ultra.

Im thinking of getting an enermax 470W supply, will this do the trick or will i need more power? Also if anyone can reccomend cheaper/quieter psus that are up to the job then thatd be great

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  1. Actually, the 6800 isn't as bad as you think. MaximumPC connected a number of PSUs - PCPowerandCooling 410 and 510, respectively, Sparke Power 400, SFF 250, generic 400 - and found that the last two crapped out. All else were unaffected and ran just fine. See, Nvidia recommends a minimum of 480 Watts of power. After said comparison, MaximumPC believes they meant a generic 480W PSU.
  2. Heya Splitter;

    I recommend the Antec True Power series, I own two 430w True Power models and both of them are under heavy load and work flawlessly, imo they are very very good power supplies, so i would recommend the 430w or 480w for your rig.
  3. I'd go with the Fortron Source or Sparkle Power 400W, which are better power supplies than the Antec 430W (higher output, longer MTBF) and cost less.

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