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Good enough for bf3?

athlon x4 640@3.5ghz
crucial 4gb ddr2 800mhz
single 5870
biostar 780L motherboard
antec neo eco 620 watt continous power supply, 48 amps on 12v, 80% efficient
500gb western digital 7200rpm harddrive
1 samsung DVDRW

good enough for bf3? and at what settings and resolution?
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  1. Yes is ok. Try diferent setings from the game to see the best gaming experience what you can achieve.
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    it should work well enough on high settings. the 5870 can run it on ultra for single player but you will have to reduce the settings for multiplayer...
  3. That PC should be okay for, maybe High settings at 1080p, considering if 1080p is your monitor's native resolution.
  4. It should run BF3 just fine. I would recommend just setting Vsync to ON and the video settings to AUTO. It does a good job of picking the settings for you. That is what I use and it sets the individual settings for me.
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