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For you PC guys. Can you or can you NOT map your keyboard and mouse the way you want or are there some presets that CAN'T be changed ? thanks,.
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  1. if you use 1-2-3-... shortcuts to select favorites you cannot remap the 1-2-3-.. keys.

    as far as I know everything else should be remappable

    oh maybe Esc key and Tab key aren't, not sure. But basically everything you find in options you can set the buttons for it
  2. so that's a yes to the arrow keys, number pad and enter key ?

    don't understand what you mean by "shortcuts to select favorites". is that hard coded in the game ? or is it something else ?
  3. you can set 1 - 9 keys to your favorited items by opening the favorites menu (default Q) and then hitting the number. I'm guessing same can be done over the numpad.

    as far as I can tell there's no way to change that functionality in-game.

    default enter key is E, you can remap it.

    you can remap the default WASD "arrow keys"

    if you meant something else, please elaborate on your question.
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