Do all disc drives work for the xbox 360 arcade

I ordered a New Samsung Xbox 360 disc drive from Amazon, it looked exactly like the one that broke, just not the exact model...I installed it and turned on xbox..And it worked as far as opening and closing. When I put a disc in though and press play trys to read it then it disconnects my from xbox live, what looks like a power cord shows up on the screen then boots me back to the dashboard...Signed in xbox live, What gives? I have tried everything from reinstalling it to unplugging every cord! It wont read anything...

Can Someone PLZZZZZ HELP ME!!!

Signed Chad
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  1. You cannot replace the disc drive in your Xbox 360.

    The DVD drive will only work on the original console it was installed on. They are have a key on the firmware that has to match a key on the motherboards JTAG otherwise it wont work.

    You could Spoof the drive though but you need to look that up on your own as me telling you how would be against the rules.

    You can replace the laser assembly but that is if you purchased the same drive as your original console had.

    Otherwise you need to find an the same drive or a laser assembly that will fit your drive. But you cannot use a new drive.
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