Having to lock games at 60fps

Hey guys, just needed some advice.

I have encountered a few problems with games in the past that, if i dont lock it at 60fps or achive over around 110, the game feels utterly unplayable and unsmooth.

Thing is, i run a 60hz monitor, so i dont understand why this happens.

Skyrim is an example, if i dont lock it at 60 animations go funny and the gaem feels unsmooth, same with Duke Nukem Forever. But with games like Postal 3, Source games and few others i can hit 120 fps they seem to be just as smooth as locking it with vsync at 120fps.

Dead Rising 2 OTR and Prototype run terribly locked at 60fps but great if they hit 120.

So, im just wondering is that a common thing? more frames skipping around and making my eyes hurt.
With prototype if i hit under 120-100 it makes the camera unsmooth and the game feels horrid.

I run a 6870, i7 2600 @ 3.4ghz and 6gb of RAM

Any help would be grateful, id ont mind locking games but it just seems odd to me, i lock them externally without vsync, Nuclear Dawn however i locked in the console with fps_max 60
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  1. Skyrim doesn't function period without Vsync or some type of framerate limiting 3rd party program. Skyrim is also loosey goosey and complete garbage with VSYNC on so this obviously creates a problem. The solution is a third party FPS-limiter available on skyrimnexus or whatever, that you can use to lock your fps while disabling vsync in control panel to regain a more direct-input feeling mouse and less fps stuttering bs.

    For the rest I cannot tell you, but I would presume it revolves largely around the problem that VSYNC seeks to fix, which is frame-tearing. A lot of games when you are pulling 70-75-80 etc fps you will get big jumps from 70-90 and your eye can see these changes even if you can't see the difference between steady 70 or steady 90. Add in screen-tearing and your game could look worse than 35-40 fps, even if it's performing at twice that rate.

    In my experience, the decision whether or not to VSYNC is solely dependent on the game. I have some games that I vsync and some that I don't. I don't vsync BF3 but I wouldn't even consider turning off vsync in Bioshock (makes the game feel like crap imo). It could just be that you happen to own a predominant number of games that see visible benefits from enabling vsync.
  2. i think you may need your eyes tested.
    locking a game at 60fps is what your supposed to do if you get more than 60fps minimum the reason your seeing stuttering or similar is because your fps isnt stable. your not seeing the fps but you are seeing the drop. this drop can cause visual discomfort to people with bad eyes or photo sensitive epilepsy.
    1s you stablize em the problem should disappear.

    i guess your also a little confused about the 60hz thing... if your monitor is 60hz then vsync will lock the fps to 60 fps or if you not getting 60 fps it will sync the frames it does get so you dont get shearing(which is probably what your trying to describe). if your getting 120 fps and you turn vsnc on your will get 60 fps not 120 as you monitor isnt 120hz.

    get a program called fraps and you will see what fps your getting... if your getting 60+ then turn on vsnc and it should smooth out your experience.
  3. Well, i just recently installed a rivatuner/msi afterburner and lock games at 60/59 and now every game is great!
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