Can't see usb storage device in My Computer

Hi all

I have a computer running windows xp at my middle school. Up until last week I could plug my usb key in and it would auto run view files window. Now it won't show the key anywhere that I can access it. I can see the device as a mass storage device in hardware manager but can't see it in My Computer. It used to show up as a drive letter. The tech guy can't figure it out and is way to busy to mess with it right now. I really need to be able to transfer files at this time. I store and transfer students work on this key. I do have admin rights on this machine. We just changed to server 2003 if that matters.

Any ideas??

Thank you......

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  1. Delete the USB devices in Device Manager and let it rediscover your key.

    There used to be a reghack pre-2000 but I never really had any problems with USB in 2000 and higher, so that might not work anymore, or exist.
  2. That worked for me......Thanks so much

  3. That's what we're here for..

    and I think you're the first person to say I actually helped them fix something.. i feel good now. :)
  4. Excellent job, Riser!

    This particular problem was an issue we ran into in various departments where I work. It turned out that because we run NetWare OS on our WAN, the network drives accessible on each workstation would claim drive letters that the USB keys wanted.

    The solution was to go into Disk Management and reassign the USB key a new drive letter not being used by the network drives.

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  5. In my xp pc device manager show usb device,disk management not show usb device
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