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Ok, obviously it supplies power, but I'm trying to replace my power supply to my hp computer, because they always try to shaft you by not giving you enough anything, least of all, room for a new PSU. Anyway, I was thinking about how I could easily just attatch the PSU to the back side of the tower, have the cabels run in through a hole, and connect to everything.

But then I thought of the fan on the PSU and I need to know if this fan has any other function BUT to cool down the power supply. If this fan has to do with cooling down the entire computer by explusion of hot air, then I'm assuming here, it is not recommended to do what I intend to.

Granted probably nobody here recommends doing what I want to do, so basically I just need feedback here. Thanks.
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  1. Normally your PSU does help expel hot air. However, if you don't completely cover up the hole you won't have any problems. Does your case have a rear case fan?

    Anyways, you can get small demension power supplies.

    But to answer your question, you shouldn't have any problems. If it really worries you add a fan to the rear of your case.

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