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I've picked up an Antec Sonata case for my new system. When complete, the system will have an A64 3200 CPU, 1 Gig PC 3200 RAM, 1 120GB 7500 RPM HDD, 1 DVD/CD Optical Drive, and a 6800 GT video card. I'm wondering if the single 120mm fan in the case will be sufficient for cooling or if I should get a second 120mm fan. The CPU will have the stock HS and Fan and will also be installed using thermal grease.

Any ideas?
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  1. Well, Sarkus, I can tell you that I not only have similar guts but the same case, and I use two case fans. Under heavy load, the mobo temp never rises above 90 degrees farenheit. The computer is mostly surrounded by cool central air, circulating about the room. I find its case cooling quite sufficient.
  2. yep i would get another 120mm fan for good measure. it will only help reduce heat, less heat=longer life for parts

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