BF3 Crashing, new HD6850

I just grabbed a Ati gigabyte HD6850 OC edition to get better gameplay out of my system. I previously had a ATI HD5670 installed.

Now with the HD6850 installed the game randomly crashes. I could play for 20mins and it will crash or I could play for 1 min and it will crash. The game did not crash on my previous card but didnt run all that great as the card was just a basic card. Does not crash in Star wars online nor when Im at the windows desktop. Running all the new ATI drivers.

I have read it could be the PSU but I have also read that 500Watts is enough for the 6850 range.

System specs;

E6600 wolfdale clocked @ 3.795ghz per core, 1.344 core volt. Never had a problem, overclock runs smooth.
ATI Gigabyte HD6850 factory overclocked
2 x7200 sata HDDs
2x sticks of DDR2 Ram
1xDVD drive (unplugged)
Antec earthwatts 500Watt PSU.

Anyone know of the issue? Tried installing older drivers but that sends my computer it weird colours which I cannot see anything throughout the desktop, seems to be a driver issue.

Thank you.
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  1. by latest drivers you mean 12.1? I don't know anymore in regard to ATI drivers as I don't have any hardware from ATi or BF3 for that matter.

    also, depending on how many fans and USB devices you got plugged-in your PSU might be at borderline capacity. With everything you have listed comes out to about 450W, if you have something like 3 fans and 3 USB devices 500W is enough, however if anything more besides that 500W might not be sufficient anymore. (asus power calc recommends 550W minimum if I go from 3 USB devices to 4). Basically, depending on how old your PSU is and how many more things need power besides what you have listed here you might be running out of juice when running BF3 on full steam.

    Given that your other games aren't exhibiting this behavior is curious, however, SWTOR is no match for BF3 in system strain.

    So, between drivers and PSU, I think those are your best avenues for fixing the issue
  2. Thank you. I just installed 12.1 beta drivers and also updated punk buster. You are right about SWTOR, I might try some other games to see if it crashes. Hasn't crashed in BF3 since updates, PSU is a bit old, certaintly a few years. Only have mouse keyboard and 2 fans other then CPU fan.
  3. It just crashed in star wars also :(
  4. well if it crashed once that's not the end of the world. hell, skyrim still crashes for me from time to time. Nothing to it, just reload and continue from last save point.

    just to check, what was gpu and cpu load at the time?
  5. Star wars is online :P, but yeah, I know its not the end of the world but it seems strange all of sudden the PC is crashing constantly. The card had diagonal lines all over screen the last time it crashed, then the PC rebooted. Not sure of load. CPU would be around 80 as with GPU maybe 90? My heat is only 52 on the card and 44-52 on the CPU.

    Going to chuck the card in a mates rig today to see if its crashing because of the card or PSU. He has a 6850 also but this will determine if its a failing card.
  6. Increase the gpu voltage or decrease the clocks a little. Should stabilize you.
  7. go to the event viewer and see if the gfx driver is causing the issue... if its just the main exe for the game then it may be a stability issue with your oc... the reason it may show up now is your stressing the system more with a bigger gfx card so you may need to drop the oc a little to get stability back.
  8. The fact that it's BF3 is enough of a reason to drop overclocks a bit on any GPU that is acting poorly and crashing to desktop.

    The game is so finicky that my 570 (which is stable through all tests and in every other game up to 920mhz core clock) will play up to 899core clock on the button but 900mhz= ctd in 15 minutes every single time religiously.
  9. turn off msi afterburner or ati tray tools when running the game they can crash it, downclock card a little, turn off antivirus try that, repair install bf3
  10. Because your card is OC, set you need to underclock it to the standard model frequency. I have a gtx 560 ti OC from Gigabyte and I have the say problem so this should solve your issue.
  11. got a new a PSU and its still crashing to desktop so that was a waste :( ill whip the gpu clock back a little and see what that does.

    Clocked card back and it didnt crash, but when looking in MSI its clocked itself back to factory OC. Seems locked.
  12. Crashed again today. Cant find anything in event viewer but other logs say Video Hardware Failure. Card wont clock back and I cannot adjust voltages in MSI afterburner.
  13. Get rid of afterburner and catalyst control center. Pick up ati tray tools. It should let you openly change voltage within the bios limits. In my experience with ati products, tray tools was far easier to work with and overclock/underclock with. It also used less resources and had nicer profiling features imo.
  14. Crashed on stock CPU clock. Will lower GPU clock and go again. Only does it on outdoor maps (Caspian border etc)
  15. right stop with the turn this off under clock this crap 4 things need to be done had this exact problem.

    msi afterburn uninstall.
    open ATI CCC and turn the fans up MANUALLY, i can tell you now your card it getting too hot during game play and makes the BF3.EXE crash always has and always will does it to save your pc or hardware.
    go to origin do a check game files IF its a copy installation. if its a fresh install of origin then the first 2 should sort it.
    last but not least make sure there are NO updates for framenet 3.5 or 4.0 you ned to do as BF3 depends on them all for webpage to origin to game connectivity so it boots correct and plays right.

    my guess its its a heat issure and msi afterburn problem so do 1st 2 i listed
  16. Ive done things. Updated everything. The issues is exactly the same as this picture in this topic. The card is not even running hot. After a quick 15-30min session of BF3 the temps are hitting 60's and this is the norm for this card.

    Its not JUST bf3 its other games as well. May need to return it for testing, I will try reseating it aswell
  17. just out of asking what is your motherboard ?

    do you still have your old Graphics card ? Spoon ? btw what is your origin name ? might be able to doa remote assist
  18. hey mate origin is trashnburn

    my motherboard is an old gigabyte P35-DS3L. it has been a great motherboard and yep i have the old card still. The place will charge me 25$ if they test and find nothing wrong plus they are a bunch of idiots and i dont ever think they test anything.
  19. friends request sent from SW-Spoony.

    im going to eat lunch now out with the wife so i will be onine fully in a few hours to help you out with the problem and see what i can come up with. also i hope you have a headset and Mic and teamspeak installed
  20. Heh, his heat is fine. His factory overclock isn't BF3-stable at the stock voltage they set it at. Good luck chiefs.
  21. i cannot change the voltage as these cards dont have that feature. its unstable clock for bf3 then why the crashing in other games aswell?
  22. Just because BF3 is incredibly picky doesn't mean that other games aren't as well. Just letting you know that BF3 CTD's are 99% related to overclocks vs. voltages with that game. Believe me, I've built 2 computers for friends for the game and built a new one myself for it. The problem spans from nvidia to ati lol.
  23. mates running the 6850 with much higher clocks at stock voltage and no crashes. ran a 5670 oc'ed and never crashed in one game. some research shows this card is a failing piece of crap. you cant touch the voltages so i dont know how to get the card more stable. might update or reflash bios but im sure its hardware.
  24. Alright took this card to a friends computer and he whipped open ati tools. On factory overclock it lasted 2 seconds on artifact test then the PC froze, artifacted and had to be restarted. Clocked back to 775 and 1000 mem, no crash, got to 815 before the artifacts showed, lasted 30 seconds on 815 core clock before it froze and crashed the whole PC again.

    GPU is dead and will be returning.
  25. It happens sometimes =/. A lot of factory OC'd cards come just fine but some just aren't stable for whatever reason and when you get a model that has that problem, it's just a roll of the dice. Sorry for your inconvenience though. Hope you find something adequate and get back to fragging soon.
  26. Hey thanks mate, I will be grabbing a 6870 instead this time.
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