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Battlefield 3 crashing after

Hi, i got problem with my battelfield 3.....

before few days ago i have install the battlefield 3 on my pc. i can play nicely with my crossfire gpu in ultra setting.
but after a few chapter in battlefield mission i got crash. my screen turn to dekstop and show application error.
i try run battlefield 3 app back after that. and i dsn't work with fullscreen mode.
i try to turn of crossfire and with single gpu. but still show the same problem..

can anyone explain for this problem?

my pc hardware:
i5 2500 3.3Ghz
gigabyte z68xp-ud39-p
2 x Asus Eah6850 crossfire
8gb kingstone Hyperx 1600
2 x 500GB wd sata
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  1. not sure, have you tried rebooting?

    also, what make and model PSU do you have?
  2. I have tried reboot and reinstall GPU driver but it still crash...
    i'm using Window & 64bit & my PSU is Silverstone ST70F-ES 700w 80 Plus.
  3. is it crashing at some particular point in the SP? or randomly?
  4. in the SP...
    I do not know how to fix it....
    i have tried uninstall & reinstall gpu & try many CCC version but it all be the same problem. last that i know i'm using CCC latest version & latest CAP.
    i work fine but untill this problem come and i cannot run battlefield 3 in fullscreen.
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    Battlefield has many issues that the most tech savvy people cannot figure out.

    Also, certain resolutions with certain hardware combinations make it so you can't play in fullscreen for unknown reasons. My Laptop must be in window mode as well or I can't do anything. Its a shame.

    It's not so much an issue with your PC as, Battlefield is the most unstable game I've ever come across.
  6. Did you try lowering the settings?
  7. i cannot go to the video setting. if i click on bf3 icon i will crash to my dekstop.
    last time i play bf3 i did not change any on option setting.
    i just check for video detial and it show all video in ultra setting.

    i get tired for this & many thing i have try to find this problem.
    nothing work... :-( maybe i cannot play bf3 anymore.
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  9. just go into the bf3 save folder and delete the config file. bf3 will the auto detect the settings.
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