Xbox360 not allowing use of all storage on recognized memory unit

My Xbox360 recognizes the external hard drive but will only allow use of 1.3 GB. I have a 320 GB My Book. Is there a settings option that opens the use of more storage? Or is there a cap that only allows the use of a portion of an external hard drive?
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  1. Cant see there being a CAP on the space available..... my best "GUESS" is the file format of the HDD

    check to see if it uses FAT32 or NTFS - and then see which the xbox uses
  2. You can use upto 16gb of an external device but I'm not sure why it's limiting you at 1.3 gb as it normally does it in 1gb portions.
  3. I have 2 memory cards inserted also. That could be where the .3 is coming from.
  4. no, the problem is that microsoft has a propritary harddrive format for the xbox360 (fatx) So you won't be able to use the full capacity of it.

    But like someone else stated earlier, if you reformat the drive you will be able to see each partition up to 16GB. I had the same problem with an old xbox360 harddrive that i reformatted on accident and lost the ablitity to use it as a primary xbox harddrive. Hope this helped
  5. By reformatting the drive, will all the files that are currently on it be erased? It was only used for storage of music, pictures and things before I tried it with my Xbox. Thanks much!
  6. yes, when you reformat it everything will be gone.
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