Battlefield 3 crashes, freezes BSOD

AMD phenom II 955@ 3.2GHZ
Gigabyte GMA 880-USB 3
G Skill 8GB 1333
AMD 6870 1gb graphics card
Samsung F3 500GB hard drive

A year ago I installed windows 7, my graphics card was a PNY GTX 460 768MB graphics card and my motherboard was an ASUS AMD chipset motherboard. Nvidia drivers uninstalled and cleared out of the registry. I brought a sata II expansion card has the graphics card sat mostly over the Sata 2.0 and 3.0 ports, it cost only £19.99 from maplins and they gave me a 64 bit driver link.

The Blue screens IRQL driver not less or equal to and the latest one refernce by pointer. It mentions driver reached less than zero. BUCKET ID VISTA DRIVER FAULT.

Linux UBUNTU 11.10 is installed on a maxtor 500GB hard drive connected to a SATA port on the motherboard. The C drive to the expansion card, I have removed the SATA II expansion card so far so good. The C drive is now going to the main board. These problems only occur BATTLEFIELD 3 multiplayer. PING is usually 25 to UK server, 125 to an east coast US server.

MW3, F1 2011, DEUX EX HR, FIFA 2012 all work fine accept for the occasional lag on line.

Anyone know where I could get a shorter graphics card with similar performance to the AMD 6870 so I can get ubuntu up and running again? HELP!
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  1. msi do a range of shorter cards i think there called cyclone,
    about the best card they do in that range is the gtx460 which is similar in performance
  2. Yeah looks like a good card and I might see if someone would swap my card. My computer has not blue screened yet since removing the SATA card, but I get like artefacts for a split second when I deploy.

    When playing Battlefield 3 it says 300MB free that can't be good, if i get a spike will that cause my computer to crash.
  3. Expansion card back in computer it was not the problem, I can stick with the 6870. Removed google chrome, downloaded the latest firefox version last night and tonight no problems at all. Apart from last night it froze, I easily quit game found out shockwave player had stopped working went back in game. That must have been happening with chrome and crashed computer with 7 processes chrome running.
    Chrome is great for general use and quick but it seems not for gaming.
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