another "help me choose!" thread

Alright! as title states, I am coming to this forum hoping to have all my questions answered while doing nothing at all!

Just kidding! I know a little about plain ol desktop computers and what not so Im not a complete computer-illiterate bastard FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT="

I am a student whome wants a laptop basically for MSword and.. games. I play World of Warcraft primarily and might play some HL2 later, but really mainly World of Warcraft (3d capabilities NEEDED!). Also the fact that I am a student so NOT looking for the XPS Gen2 because that is imposability for my wallet! To give an idea of budget, I am CANADIAN and looking for no more than $2000 and preferably even less. and of course I want this to use wireless internet on campus for msn/games.

What I've narrowed down in my mind is that I want atleast 128mb of dedicated video card memory (no integrated [-peep-]), 512mb of ram (will I need more?) and likely the 17" viewable screen. Thats whats needed I think.

my current "ideas" from looking around on the net, and scrounging the weekly flyers has had me come up with the listed below.

HP Intel Pentium 4 630HT 3.0GHz Laptop (ZD8210)-

Toshiba Satellite P30-RV2 Intel Pentium 4 532 HT 3.06GHz Laptop (P30-RV2)

And ofcourse the Dell Inspiron 9300, it seems to be just below $2000 canadian but only with an ATI x300 3d card..

MSI MS-1029 (not sure on where I can get it in canada but damn i hear good things about it!)

Asus Z71V ( is where I was directed for it. though looks very unoffical..)

Please! Evaluate what I am considering and feel welcome to share new suggestions!

-Keep in Mind I am a canadian resident with canadian funds, looking to save money but also want a kick ass laptop!-
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  1. P4 are not great CPU for laptop unless you don't mind to use it always plug in and have your personal lap heater.
    P-M are much better for laptop.

    Check for the <A HREF="§ion=1&group=1&product=4070&part=3431" target="_new"> Toshiba MP40 </A> or
    the <A HREF="" target="_new"> Acer 1694 WLMi </A>
    Second <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A>
    512meg of RAM is a nice start and it's not very difficult to and some more later as needed.
  2. <A HREF="" target="_new"> Better Choice Toshiba Satellite M60-BK3 Intel Centrino 750 1.86GHz Laptop </A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> My Puter </A>
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