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i've recently merged 3 paritions on partition magic 1 of these contained a large amount of data(upto 4gb). well i don't know what went wrong but the partitions are merged but the files are missing. the files arn't deleted but are somehow hidden which is making it really hard for file recovery software to spot. however 1 peice of software can see it, virtuallab:

problem is this software will cost me over a 100$ to download 100k of recovery. and for 4gb comes to 130$!

quick questions:

can i see the files on the disk?(in windows)
nope. in virtuallab they show up inside a folder i created. however if i try to enter this folder in windows it says access is denied.

did i backup?
no :(

if i right click on the harddrive does it show disk space as being used?
it shows in windows as a complete blank harddrive, with 1 folder inside.

what file recovery software have i tried?
about every single link that comes in google(first page mainly) when ya put in file recovery software.

setup, OS etc?
2 sata harddrives, both 80gb but my OS drive is a raptor my other is just a 72,000rpm(the 1 with the problem). and i;m on windows xp pro

fact is peeps i want to get my files back as cheaply as possible

thanks for reading guys
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  1. You probably will need to take ownership of the folder through an administrator account. You can right click the folder, go to properties, security, advanced, Owner tab and switch ownership over to your account. You should get access at that point.
  2. sorry you've missed me by a mile.. this is totally unrelated to security.. the folder is empty with or without access (the files are written onto the harddrive) but are hidden(not by access or security) but in a state of it been deleted
  3. Did you try what I mentioned?
  4. yes.. the folder has access for all users
  5. Have you tried logging on as Administrator via Safe Mode?

    Personally, I'm not sure if it will help, but at this point, it just might be worth a shot. One other idea that comes to mind is to check the OS drive for that same folder you specified as you set up the Merge process. Just check the C:\ drive (root directory).

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  6. Well I'm not going take the time to Google to see what you've tried, but this is free I've used it and it works, it has to be installed on the working booting HDD to scan the HDD with the problem. <A HREF="" target="_new"> PC Inspector </A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> My Puter </A>
  7. I didn't ask if everyone had access.

    I told you to take ownership of the files because you said when you attempted to into the folder, you didn't have access. Why? Because you don't have ownership.
  8. yes i have tried what you've said.. it didn't work.. it opens the folder and folder is empty.. believe me guys the files have been lost(as in deleted).. there unrecoverable by accessing the files
  9. But you said you could see them but couldn't access them because they were invisible.. which is normally an ownership problem which has been covered several times.

    You might want to consider restating your problem and be a little more clear in it.. takin ownership of the folder would be the first step.. try running any type of recovery program and see if they show up.. if not, you're SOL. if they do, take the next step.
  10. if you had read my problem fully you would known that the files are only visible VirtualLab a file peice of file recovery software...
  11. The loss of files usually occurs when there has been some kind of interruption during the merge process, such as a shut down. Anything like a brown-out or black-out occur in your area/household? Anyone accidentally turn off the computer before the process finished?

    Chances are your answers are 'no' to my questions.

    At this point, since you are unable to take ownership, here are your options:
    1. Have a technician look at it in person.
    2. Purchase the data recovery software.
    3. Accept the loss.

    <i>There are 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand binary
    and those who don't</i>
  12. thanks for the rubbish advice
  13. Dave,

    Thank YOU for showing us the kind of person you are. I'll be saving the link to this thread so that other posts you make will include the link. Others who read your new thread will see how you handle people's help.

    <i>There are 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand binary
    and those who don't</i>
  14. trying to help and bein stupid are completerly different.. i mean the question was... recommedn me some file reocdveyr software.. i havn't even got 1 [-peep-] name yet!
  15. Quote:
    i havn't even got 1 [-peep-] name yet!

    If you will scroll up the thread you will see that 4Ryan6 gave you a suggestion...have you tried it?

    ....WW (5.1)
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