Power Problems... HELP.

My system keeps crashing from time to time. If i am playing a game or the system is in idle state for long time. It just shuts down. And every time i restart it the windows xp scan disk thing comes on. I am fed up. tell me what the problem. Is my PSU not meeting my power requirements.
I just changed my power supply recently,
and bought a decent 350 watt PSU. But same thing. now i have to disconnect my 2 casing fans and 2 cd drives to make the system work properly. Please help me to choose the best PSU for my system.

My system configuration are as follows:

Aopen ATX Case (QF50C)
PSU - JUPITER 350 Watt PSU (+3.3V/28A +5V/25A +12V/16A)
Motherboard - MSI 865PE Neo2
Intel Pentium 4 CPU - 3.0 GHZ (800 FSB)
Arctic-cooling 4PRO-TC Super Silent Fan installed
RAM - Kinsgton Value RAM - 512MB x 2 (Dual Channel)
2 System/Casing Fans installed
80GB Maxtor - 7200 RPM
40GB Seagate - 7200 RPM
Gainward Geforce 4 Ti4600 - 128MB

Please help me with this problems ASAP...

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  1. You could probably get by with the Fortron Source or Sparkle Power FSP350 power supplies (same manufacturer). Those are rated at 70% peak capacity and turn themselves off if overloaded. You get those same features but even more capacity from the FSP400's, and for a few dollars more the FSP530's.

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