The best software in which we can play ps3 games in pc

I wanna have a software that helps me play PS2 games on my PC
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  1. Hi :)

    You cannot... unless you buy the PC version...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. There are no emulators out there for PS3 yet. Even if there were, there aren't any desktop PCs powerful enough to emulate PS3, if you want to play a PS3 exclusive title, you'll just have to get that console. For PS2 there are some emulators out there, but they do require a very strong CPU for good performance. If you are running an old or cheap CPU, it's not going to work well, get yourself a PS2 in that case.
  3. pc2sx is the best ps2 emulatorbut it does take a lot of setting up and when you run games like gt4 you really will spend a lot of time tweaking the emulator...
    also if you dont have a fast quad and mid to high end gfx then forget it..
    on a amd 6000x2 88gt, gta sa got 19fps, gt4 got 3fps at best... its that demanding.
  4. oops! PCSX2... i would have edited my own post but the site is buggy atm.
  5. this is xbox 360 but a friend at collage said you can get things to play 360 games on pc (decoder i think he said) he also said windows 8 will have one built in (???)

    dunno if i remembered what he said wrong or not <.< he may be bsing >.<
  6. with the 360 it is pretty much just a coding issue,but if you look at the 360 ports that made it to pc they were generally unstable and or badly coded... ala gta 4 and gears of bore.
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